1. If traveling with two people, select the inner and outer row. If someone does take the middle seat you can kindly ask if you can sit next to your partner.

 2. Always store small items underneath the seat in front of you. This gives others room to put their roller bags in the overhead bins.

3. Flying is a form of public transportation. Deal with there being screaming kids / babies on board. If you think kids or babies shouldn’t fly then go get your own private jet.

4. Don’t make a mad dash to the front when it’s time to get off. Wait till the row in front of you goes before you go.

5. If your connection is tight on time due to a delay, let a flight attendant know so they can make an announcement to let those with close connections get off first.

6. When booking a flight, check the connection time. Connection times less than 60 minutes could be tight to make at busier airports.

7. If you decide to book a tight connection flight, ensure your first flight you are sitting near the front and not the back.

8. If you have to check a bag, ensure you arrive at the airport in time to check a bag. Each airport is different, but some airports you must check your bag in at least a hour before your departure time. International flights you might have to check it sooner.

9. Remember the person in the middle seat has the right to both arm rest. Give the person a break being wedged in the middle.

10. If you are a person that has to go to the bathroom a lot, then please select the aisle seat. This is so you won’t have to wake people up from naps in order to go to the bathroom.

11. If you are sitting in the front row, most likely you won’t have a place to put your bag under the seat in front of you. This is when it is okay to put that small bag in the overhead bin.

12. If flying with a lap child, always select a full row that is open to seat in. Sometimes airlines will not put another passenger in the whole row if the flight is not full.

13. Don’t have T-Mobile and know someone with a T-Mobile number? Get a hour of Internet for free if available by using their phone number. Just don’t use it if your friend is also traveling.

14. Wait till your group is called to stand in line to board the plane. Don’t be the person in group 9 standing in the front when only group 1 has been called.

15. If you don’t need your reading light on, then turn it off.

16. When flying on a hot day, help the flight attendants out and the future passengers by opening the air vents to full and let your window shade down. This helps keep the plane cool. When flying in colder weather, turn the air vents off.

17. Once you make it to your final destination, don’t hover over the baggie claim. Give people room so everyone can clearly see their bag.

18. If you have a tight connection flight, check the airport for food options. Some airports have the ability to have food ready for you as soon as you get off your flight from your favorite restaurant at the airport,

19. Tell whoever is going to pick you up to wait in the cell phone lot until you made it out the door. Dont clutter up the pick up area.

20. Exit row is nice for the extra space but many exit rows might have fixed arm rest that you can’t let up or down. The tray table is most likely inside the arm rest like they are in the front row.

21. Take advantage of flying out of small airports if you have them near you! Even if it is only a 1 to 2 hour drive to a major airport. If you don’t use it, you might lose it. It’s also nice when you land back home to fly into a smaller airport vs a major airport.

22. If you have a tight connection, check to see if there are later flights going to the same destination just in case you miss your connecting flight.

23. If you have a bigger size carry on bag, be prepared to gate check your bag on the smaller regional jets.

25. Bring a pair of ear bud with a standard audio jack connection to enjoy watching a movie on those flights with screens at every seat. If you don't have a screen at the seat, most likely you can connect to the airplane's wifi on your portable device to watch a movie.